Blackhead Extractor Tools

Posted by Lisa Winther on 03.11.17

Blackheads are a problem for youngsters which are a common type of acne. They are a black dot on your face or skin they are dirt, oil and dead skin that stops up the pores in your skin. Washing even with rough cleanser may not help you with the problem.

A blackhead remover tool often is the best way to get rid of this problem. There are different kinds on the market to choose from. One of the most well known kinds is the loop blackhead extractor. It has two small looped ends that are used on your pimples. They are often used on whiteheads too. You roll the looped end over the surface with consistent pressure. It is important for you to steam your face before using the tool. This softens the clog in the pores making them easier to remove. Some of the best blackhead removers are made from stainless steel. After using this tool you should wash with hot soap and water. Rinse it in alcohol to kill any bacteria on it. The looped remover is one of the best blackhead remover tools to use.

There are remover products that are creams that you put on your face. Often the cream is applied to the face until it dries. After the cream dries wash your face with warm soap and water and dry. Some of the creams are expensive. There are also pore strips like Biore and some of the other knockoffs of yesteryear that you apply to your nose or face. This strip loosens the skin and clogs formed in the pores by basically pulling it out via brute force. While interesting, these can sometimes leave a mark and not cure right because of how they are often yanked out so vigorously.

Most blackhead extractors push or pop the blemishes, so it is wise to make sure you use the gentles pressure possible to avoid scarring. Another type of tool is the spoon extractor used for small sized blemishes. It has several holes at the end to be used only for very small blemishes. These tools are a safe way to remove blackheads, pimples that are not serious. When choosing the right tools to remove spots pick the best blackhead remover for you and make sure it is safe to use. Some extractors are not safe if you do not know how to use them correctly.