What makes Phen375 the best alternative to Phentermine?

Posted by Lisa Winther on 02.01.17

Phen375 is a new alternative for the phentermine, tablet that was the best weight loss supplement across the world. The average cost of phentermine tablet was between $70-$ 89 for a count of 30. But in 2009, the prices went above $350. The fake tablets from India and China increased the cost of the tablets. The tablets that failed to meet the standard resulted in the closing of majority of online pharmacies. These tablets reached the consumers with out any appropriate prescription.

The closing of these online pharmacies affected many people across the world who was satisfied with the results of phentermine. This made the customers to choose low quality substitutes that were caffeine oriented or cheap herbal copies. RDK pharmaceuticals had been on the search of a suitable substitute without any after effects. The years of research ended up with a set of four ingredients Thus "phentermine"(phen375), the perfect substitute for phentermine, was developed in the FDA approved laboratory in California.

The major ingredient of phen375 is 1-3 dimethylpentylamine, which is the substitute of phentermine. This ingredient is the most powerful product and it is legal also. A combination of this with the other three ingredients makes the most powerful fat burning supplement. Trimethylxanthine serves as a catalyst for fat burning of dimethylpentylamine causing a splendid weight lose in less time span.

DHEA content of the tablet inhibits the G6PDH activity and stunts the fat synthesis from carbohydrate. Thus G6DPH redirects glucose to catabolic energy metabolism from anabolic fat production catalyzing the metabolic process. L-carnitine also favors fat metabolism. Thus the combined activity of all the ingredients brings out the splendid result of weight loss by fat burning. It also adds to the stamina and lowers cholesterol levels. The product is a 100% safe and legal one to provide you maximum satisfaction in your weight lose campaign.